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Your finance partner

Our finance & back office solution reduces admin time while providing access to qualified financial advisors to guide founders through the complexities of managing and scaling their agencies.

Finance & back office

RecruitHub’s finance team supports the financial management of partner agencies, helping founders grow their companies profitably and securely.

Build on a solid base

Our team leads founders through the setup process, incorporating new business entities and optimising founder pay and tax structures.

Post-launch, we provide ongoing support managing legal and financial compliance, deadline management and tax & regulatory submissions.

We help first-time business owners understand their obligations as a director, reducing risk of delays, distractions and fines related to corporate compliance.

24/7 cloud-based access to your financial data

RecruitHub’s comprehensive financial services package spans end-of-year accounts, Companies House filings, VAT registration, quarterly VAT and annual Corporate Tax returns submissions.

On an ongoing basis, our team serves as in-house financial partner to maintain updated, annotated financial records and reconcile transactions, focusing founder energy and efforts on growth while ensuring accurate financial record-keeping.

Intelligent insights

We deliver regularly-updated financial statements to founders including P&L, balance sheets, billings logs & cashflow forecasts.

Our financial advisory team meets regularly with businesses to optimise cashflow, confirm budgets for growth and reinvestment and discuss financial strategy as agencies expand.

Expert advice when you need it

RecruitHub founders have direct access to our qualified Financial Director and financial team to discuss short and long-term financial challenges and develop solutions.

Together we help fill in any expertise gaps, allowing business owners to navigate unexpected financial challenges quickly and confidently, including compliance, founder and investor dividends, expenses, insurance, VAT, currency exchange, tax and international regulations.

RecruitHub gives you a platform to go and do the bit you've been doing for the last ten years that you know how to do, and where you add most value to your business.

Kyle WinterbottomFounder, Orbition Group

As new founders and business owners we have questions all the time, and we value the support RecruitHub provides every day. It's made the transition from being an employee to an employer extremely smooth.

Haseena MoonceyCo-Founder, CHR Life Sciences

The way RecruitHub’s finance offering was delivered, there was clearly a lot of knowledge and expertise. We’re great recruiters but we’re not financial experts – it’s great to have support on that side to be able to run a successful business.

Aditi FernandesCo-Founder, BlackCode

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