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The RecruitHub team complements founder skills and experience with the expertise necessary to building thriving, successful ventures.


 We guide recruitment entrepreneurs through the challenge of turning promising early sales into scalable revenue generation engines, complete with a development of the underlying equity value into a high-value, sellable asset.

Build your equity value & exit strategy

Growing revenue and creating shareholder value are two different challenges, not necessarily achieved via the same strategic route.

We help business owners understand the drivers of equity value creation, avoid growth ‘for growth’s sake’, and take a strategic approach to developing their companies with a focus on building long-term wealth.

Maximise your ROI

Establishing a customer base and stable income stream is only part of the task of building a profitable, scalable business.

Our team works with founders in diagnosis of financial, sales, technology, structural, training & operational management to improve efficiency and accelerate growth.

Our in-depth business intelligence uncovers insights across companies’ data and processes to boost profits, ramp up revenues and tap into growth opportunities.

Chart your course

Taking business growth to the next level requires strategic input spanning a range of disciplines, from employee performance management to technology, legal, market research and financial planning.

Our teams work with clients in developing long-term growth roadmaps, incorporating:

• International expansion

• Market diversification

• Pricing frameworks

• M&A

• Fundraising & investment

I’m embracing the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and learning out of my comfort zone – and RecruitHub is helping and guiding me. They’re very eager to support and talk me through things, and they share their knowledge with me quickly. They’re always there to make sure you feel comfortable with how you’re growing your business.

Scott DalyFounder, Woodford Gray Group

The RecruitHub team have been outstanding and add incredible value to your business from the very start. We feel comfortable that we have partners who have a genuine interest in helping us develop our business and ensure we are maximising every opportunity.

Lee WalkerCo-Founder, Volantes Technical Recruitment

I was very aware of what my strengths and weaknesses are. RecruitHub made our lives easy to crack on and do what we needed to do – which was focus on revenue to get us up and running.

Paul WakemanCo-Founder, BlackCode

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We take a collaborative approach to new customer partnerships, working with prospective founders to create a detailed vision and financial forecast of their planned ventures.

We don’t expect founders to ‘pitch’ us their polished business plans – instead, we work together to test and explore the viability of each new business concept, projecting financial performance, founder income and wealth creation potential.

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