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Geared for growth

Fund your launch from savings, debt financing or equity investment

Founders can self-fund or source investment – the choice is yours

We offer a wide range of innovative funding options to fuel your growth, whether you prefer self-funding or sourcing investment. 

If you require investment for your new business venture, we help you access investment capital on your terms, identifying funding requirements and accessing capital at the best possible rate, regardless of the source.

This can be done quickly, with decisions typically made in days and paperwork processed in weeks.

"We got a couple of offers from other investors before launching Dataworks and the equity deals were horrendous. RecruitHub's investment solution gave us complete control, which was absolutely key."

Alex HutchingsCo-Founder, Dataworks

Our investment is often more than 2x more competitive than traditional industry models due to our unique offering

Dedicated network

Independent investor network and willingness to work with investors chosen by the founder

Expert forecasting

Expertise at financial forecasting, based on years experience of launching dozens of founders on our platform and watching their businesses grow.


Our risk-sharing pricing model which keeps up-front costs for founders to a minimum.


RecruitHub’s unique model enables founders to launch a business with a best-in-class techstack, advisory, support and a “no invoice no bill” fee structure. This enables a growing base of founders to build their business using their own funds.

Seed & growth capital

Seed capital equip founders with initial launch salaries, covering household expenses while the new business gathers early momentum.

For high-growth projects, our investment team work with founders to secure funding to rapidly build sales and delivery teams to capitalise on market trends and talent pools.

Founder first mentality

RecruitHub only engages with highly motivated entrepreneurs who own a meaningful portion of the equity in their companies.

This means a focus on short and long-term founder outcomes at all stages when modelling and structuring investments, creating funding plans that maximise executive control and financial returns for business owners.

Creating win-win scenarios

We believe investment should focus on partnership, not negotiation.

That’s why all of our funding discussions take the form of collaborative sessions with prospective founders to analyse investment needs in detail, building comprehensive forecasts together and exploring creative ways to finance new agency launches while retaining the maximum level of founder equity possible.

The investment process was really slick. Nice and easy, I was kept informed every step of the way. Contracts were very easy to read through with no changes needed from my legal advice. For me it was a no-brainer to go with RecruitHub in the end.

Scott DalyFounder, Woodford Gray Group

It was a really smooth process. RecruitHub walked me through different business models to find the right level of start-up capital, and took a lot of the heavy lifting off my plate to deliver the investment.

Guy BevingtonFounder, TrueNorth Group

RecruitHub’s investment model gave us the cash to get started while ensuring we stayed in complete control of our business. All the paperwork was taken care of with plenty of time to ensure we were clear and comfortable with the agreement. Once we launched, we never looked back.

Billy McDougallCo-Founder, Volantes Technical Recruitment

Looking for funding?

RecruitHub offers a range of investment solutions, from initial start-up founder salaries to launch and growth capital for ambitious recruitment ventures.
All founders majority own their companies, ensuring each business owners has the optimal equity position to achieve their full potential and benefit from the rewards.
To discuss funding for your recruitment business, contact us below for an exploratory conversation.

If you’re not building your own dream, you’re building someone else’s.

Helping great recruiters become successful business owners.

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