Kyle Winterbottom
Founder of Orbition Group

‘RecruitHub gave me the vehicle and the platform to set up – the tech, the tools to allow me to get on with the job at hand’

Founder Kyle Winterbottom’s background includes being involved in starting recruitment companies, divisions, offices, and brands for other firms and managing big teams for his previous employers SThree, Lawrence Harvey and Premier Group. In just a year of trading, the company has gone on to build an impressive client base in the Data & Analytics space and has an industry-leading podcast with more than 20,000 listeners in 128 countries.


100% of our revenue has been exclusively retained within the first year with household names building their entire teams. I also had a 12-month restriction from my previous employer, so it’s been from a standing start.



  • First placement in month 3, we had 3 different retained gigs that we had won and all landed in December; we started the backend of September.

  • I spoke to ⅘ different options, either they wanted me to invest a ton of money upfront, and then I’d only own the percentage I’d invested against what it costs to start or they wanted a lot of equity.

  • RecruitHub was a great option – they weren’t asking for money upfront to launch, they weren’t taking loads of equity and they wanted to be involved; we’ve been able to lean on them quite heavily, they’ve been able to give a lot of sound advice and sanity check decisions

  • It’s massively beneficial because, with all of the tech setup, planning, legal, finance, incorporation etc, you can go and do the bit you’ve been doing for the last ten years, as opposed to the other bits that you don’t know how to do.„


If I had known about RecruitHub earlier in my career, I’d have launched much faster.

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