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It still blows me away that a lot of really good, solid billers don't have the confidence in their own ability to do it on their own.

If you're billing any figure north of £100-150k for your current employer, I guarantee you're going to make more money for yourself.

Alex HutchingsCo-Founder, Dataworks

It's night and day from a monetary and a fulfillment perspective to go and do your own thing.

I was somebody who had 'golden handcuffs' that kept me in my previous job much longer than it should have done.

Guy BevingtonFounder, TrueNorth

Rather than relying on raises and bonuses, I decided to take control of my own destiny and financial wellbeing.

Callum BeaumontFounder, Cordell Beaumont

The best thing about running your own business is the freedom.
The autonomy of controlling what you put in and what you get out is the most enjoyable part of being an entrepreneur.

Kyle ProbertFounder, Transparent Talent

Kyle Winterbottom

Founder, Orbition Group

“If you’re considering starting your own agency – that itch is probably never going to go away. It never went away for me – even when I was doing really well in another business. There was still always in the back of my mind, ‘one day I’ll do this for myself.'”
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Luke Warner

Founder, Birchlake Recruitment (formerly of Huntswood)

"I wouldn’t look back!
It’s been so liberating. Getting your first invoice in and paid is such a great feeling.
I have a lot of time with my family and kids, and each week is how I want it to be.
I’m not tied down by lots of meetings growing someone else’s business, and I’m really enjoying the flexibility."

Ready to truly own your recruitment results?

Chris Carey

Co-Founder, CHR Life Sciences (formerly of Hyper Recruitment Solutions)

"For me the drive to start my own firm was all to down to ownership - not just owning the business, but owning my time, owning the results and owning the financial benefits of that.

I’m no longer trying to make someone else happy.
The most exciting thing about launching it's the freedom that you get from it - it's your own thing and you've got ownership of everything."

Couldn’t ask for a better start. The best decision of my life, starting my own business!

Joseph Cooper, Co-Founder, Aspiron Search (formerly of Radley James)

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If you back yourself as someone that can generate business and do 360 recruitment without anyone else, then do it. What’s stopping you?
Don’t get strung up on timing, grab the opportunity with both hands.

Oliver LeggCo-Founder, Aspiron Search (formerly of Radley James)

Do it! There’s nothing better than creating something and owning a successful business.

Simon CullumCo-Founder, Huts & Blocks (formerly of Energy Resourcing Group & APSCo advisor)

Starting my own business gave me complete control over my time and earnings - and it's been the most fun I've had in my career!

Shobana SabanathanFounder, Academic Talent (formerly of Teaching Personnel)

If you’re not building your own dream, you’re building someone else’s.

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