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How does it feel to launch your own recruitment business?

$138k retainer closed in our first month - buzzing!

Joseph CooperCo-Founder, Aspiron Search (formerly of Radley James)

The best thing about running your own business is the freedom - controlling what you put in and what you get out.

Kyle ProbertFounder, Transparent Talent

If you back yourself as someone that can generate business and do 360 recruitment without anyone else, then do it. What’s stopping you?

Oliver LeggCo-Founder, Aspiron Search (formerly of Radley James)

Kicking ourselves for not starting our own agency sooner - best decision we ever made.

Lee WalkerCo-Founder, Volantes (formerly of First People Solutions)

In recruitment you operate like your own company anyway. So launching independently was just taking what I’d always been doing and putting that under a different brand.

Ben AppletonFounder, Strat-bridge (former Executive Consultant, REED)

If you're considering setting up - that itch is probably never going to go away.
Even when I'd become really successful in agency recruitment I thought "one day I'll do this on my own".

Kyle WinterbottomFounder, Orbition Group (formerly of Lawrence Harvey)

Starting my own business has been the most enjoyable thing I've done in over ten years in the recruitment industry.

Guy BevingtonFounder, TrueNorth (formerly of Gravitas Recruitment Group)

The most exciting thing about launching it's the freedom that you get from it - it's your own thing and you've got ownership of everything.

Haseena MoonceyCo-Founder, CHR Life Sciences (formerly of HRS)

Becoming a business owner has been fantastic. I've learned more than I'd ever dreamed of learning in a very short time. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Chris CareyCo-Founder, CHR Life Sciences (formerly of Hyper Recruitment Solutions)

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“Every bit of technology I use on the RecruitHub platform is invaluable

– Kyle Probert, Founder, Transparent Talent

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Invest your expertise, monetise your client relationships, build long-term wealth and fully control your work-life balance.

If you’re not building your own dream, you’re building someone else’s.

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