Aditi Fernandes & Paul Wakeman 

With over twenty years of successful technology recruitment experience, BlackCode co-founders Paul Wakeman and Aditi Fernandes invested their expertise in the launch of their own specialist agency on the RecruitHub platform.

BlackCode quickly established partnerships with some of the leading tech firms across the UK and Europe, and are now growing their business with the implementation of a highly employee-centric culture.

What was your motivation to partner with RecruitHub?
“I was very aware of what my strengths and weaknesses are. I had a very clear understanding of what RecruitHub offered – and it made our lives easy to crack on and do what we needed to do, which was focus on revenue to get us up and running.
I spent a long time doing due diligence into options for platforms and seed funding for recruitment companies, and RecruitHub was very impressive – in the end it was a no-brainer.”

How has RecruitHub’s supported your agency through its growth?

“It’s not just a launch partnership at the beginning – RecruitHub’s coming with us on the journey of building BlackCode.

The support never stops. As we’ve started to grow and reach the next level, RecruitHub are mirroring our needs as we go along – whether it’s frameworks, templates or new ideas for things that aren’t working. We’re constantly being asked for input on improvement and how RecruitHub can make the platform even better.

It’s great to have strong 1:1 relationships – whether it’s sales, technology or marketing, with RecruitHub we know we can just pick up the phone.

The financial support has been particularly valuable in enabling us to accurately forecast helps us understand where we are as a business – it’s fundamental.

The way RecruitHub’s finance offering was delivered, there was clearly a lot of knowledge and expertise. We’re great recruiters but we’re not financial experts – it’s great to have support on that side to be able to run a successful business.

Doing the initial financial modelling before launching was an eye-opener. With lots of experience in the industry as a recruiter you think you know it all, but it’s surprising how many things come up that you haven’t thought of.

On the technology side, it’s the best platform we’ve ever worked with in twenty years of recruitment. I also love that we have a partner continually looking at new technology products for the best in the market.”

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