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Game-changing tech

Take control of a cutting-edge toolkit. Automate workflows, reduce manual processes, accelerate sales cycles and maximise billing potential.

Intelligently connected best-in-class tech

Our technology suite is built flexibly from the leading solutions in each business area, connected with intelligent integrations to create a fluid digital ecosystem.

Working together with founders, we mould technology to play a crucial active role in each company’s competitive advantage and commercial success.

As well as increasing individual recruiter performance, our tech stack is designed for growing firms, enabling founders to decrease new-hire ramp-up time, seamlessly connect tools and embed prompts, templates and resources in the interfaces their team members use daily.

RecruitHub platform – everything in one place

The RecruitHub platform is designed to increase business performance. Connecting the best-in-breed tech together enables business owners to manage, forecast and plan accurately with ease.

    • Realtime metrics across finance, CRM and marketing 
    • Apps & connectivity
    • Strategy & insights
    • Documents and support
    • Community and partners

Realtime actionable insights 

Gain a 360 view of your business performance. Trend analysis and data drilldown on the metrics that matter enable you to make decisions quickly and plan ahead with confidence.

  • Key finance metrics including; gross profit, cash reserves, bank balance, booked fees, revenue by client, perm v contract, team and individual performance
  • Track sales leaderboard across the complete hiring cycle from attraction to engagement and close
  • Understand app usage – covering VOIP, sales outreach, response rates and CRM metrics
  • Automated business insight report – get a clear picture of your business performance without the jargon:
    • Financial analysis
    • Sales & CRM analytics
    • Team and individual performance
    • Tech and benchmarking
    • Brand engagement 

Growth ecosystem

Tools, templates and exclusive partnerships for every stage of growth.

  • KnowledgeHub: essential guidance on how to run and scale your business
  • Terms for every way you work: permanent, contract, retained, RaaS and more
  • Laser-focused blueprints: hiring, commissions, compliance and business growth
  • 360 partner ecosystem: over 50+ exclusive partnerships with recruitment technology and service partners

It's the best technology platform I've worked with in twenty years in the recruitment industry.

Paul WakemanCo-Founder, BlackCode

One of the main reasons that we partnered with RecruitHub was so that we could focus on revenue-generating tasks - having everything configured, ready to rock, it’s been a massive help and has got
us up to speed very quickly.

Joseph CooperCo-Founder, Aspiron Search

The techstack is better than any other agency we’ve worked at. We’ve literally got everything you need to be a high-performance business.

Francis HarwoodFounder, Limitless

The tech is just fantastic - we'd be miles behind where we are now if we hadn't had that.
The platform streamlines everything - I look back on my previous ten years in recruitment and think "why weren’t we using this before?"

Chris CareyCo-Founder, CHR Life Sciences

We wanted to get going - negotiating rates and managing vendor contracts would take too much time and slow us down.

Alex Hutchings and Wesley TaupinFounders, Dataworks

The techstack is a million times better than anything I've ever used in a large company. It's been game changing for me

Rebecca NevilleFounder, Constable Green

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Our demo sessions give founders a live walk-through of our full technology stack and back office solution, exploring our full toolkit and workflow integrations.
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