Game-changing tech

From independent recruiters to high-growth agencies, every business we launch is supported by a market-leading software stack to automate manual processes, accelerate sales cycles and maximise billing potential.


RecruitHub’s technology platform launches start-ups with a cutting-edge toolkit, designed to automate and integrate workflows and directly boost revenue generation.

A future-proof technology stack

Our technology suite is built flexibly from the leading solutions in each business area, linked with intelligent integrations to create a fluid digital ecosystem.

We are agile in our approach to emerging applications and new tech partnerships, with no deep-rooted legacy technology to trap our customers in outdated programs.

Powerful partnerships across the RecTech ecosystem

The recruitment technology space includes a dizzying number of new established vendors, each vying for agency budget with value-add products.

Our technology team continually scans the market searching for the truly game-changing tools and integrations across sales, search, marketing, analytics and more, giving our clients ongoing access to the world’s smartest tech.

A platform built for growth

As well as increasing individual recruiter performance, our tech stack is designed for growing firms, enabling founders to decrease new-hire ramp-up time, seamlessly connect tools and embed prompts, templates and resources in the interfaces their team members use daily.

Supported by world-class lead generation features, innovative automation and advanced reporting, it’s an end-to-end platform for modern agencies.

A digital-first workplace

Even the world’s best technology is only as good as its configuration and integration.

RecruitHub unlocks the full potential of advanced tech to directly impact recruiter and agency performance, hardcoding best practices into digital workflows that boost efficiency and billings.

Working together with founders, we mould technology to play a crucial active role in each company’s competitive advantage and commercial success.a

It's the best technology platform I've worked with in twenty years in the recruitment industry.

Paul WakemanCo-Founder, BlackCode

The tech is just fantastic - we'd be miles behind where we are now if we hadn't had that.
The platform streamlines everything - I look back on my previous ten years in recruitment and think "why weren’t we using this before?"

Chris CareyCo-Founder, CHR Life Sciences

One of the main reasons that we partnered with RecruitHub was so that we could focus on revenue-generating tasks - having everything configured, ready to rock, it’s been a massive help and has got
us up to speed very quickly.

Joseph CooperCo-Founder, Aspiron Search

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