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Recruitment Start-Up Blueprint

A guide to designing and launching your own recruitment business.

Our free guide answers essential pre-launch questions to help you decide if you’re ready to go it alone, and what the right path is for you to build your business.


  • Figuring out funding – how much do you need, and what are your options?
  • Decoding your non-compete – what are your restrictions?
  • Co-founder MUST-knows – launching with a partner? Read this first!
  • Getting tech right – how to automate your way to faster billings
  • Business plan basics – what are they, and how do you write one?
  • Naming & brand-building – creating a brand that stands out and scales with your venture
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Scaling Your Recruitment Agency

What does it take to turn a promising startup into a scalable business? 

Download our free guide for insight on the tools, processes and structures essential for unlocking rapid growth. 


  • Generating Consistent Per-head Billings
  • Delivering Technology ROI
  • Using Knowledge-sharing To Boost Growth
  • Training & Onboarding Essentials
  • Designing KPIs That Work
  • Getting Incentives Right
  • Building A High-performance Culture
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Quick Guide to Start-Up Funding

Thinking about launching your own recruitment business, but not sure where to start with funding?

Our guide walks you through your options, helping you prepare for what to expect when choosing between investment models.

  • How to maximise your equity at launch
  • Choosing your investment partner
  • Options to launch
    • Portfolio structures & joint ventures
    • Angel investors
    • Support from friends & family
    • Personal loans
    • Government schemes
  • Case study: Sourcing investment through the RecruitHub network
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Evaluating Your Employee Equity Package

How much is your incentive plan really worth?

If you are on (or are being offered) an equity package in your company, it’s important to understand the true potential value it offers.
Our free checklist is designed to help you review your plan, evaluating how likely it is that it will pay out, when and how that could happen, and what it could be worth to you if it does.
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Recruitment Start-Up Myths

RecruitHub works daily with experienced recruiters who are exploring their options in entrepreneurship, fielding hundreds of questions on the best way to start and scale a recruitment business.

To help bring clarity to the process, we’re sharing our conversations and tackling 10 of the biggest myths about starting up, head-on.

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