Haseena Mooncey and Chris Carey
Founders of CHR Life Sciences

Co-founders Chris Carey and Haseena Mooncey of CHR Life Sciences both had very successful careers delivering perm and contract recruitment solutions to high-growth Life Sciences market before making the transition into entrepreneurship.


I’m no longer trying to make someone else happy.



  • 80-90% of our time is spent on recruitment since launching. On day 1 we had roles with new clients we’d never worked with before.

  • We spoke with numerous investors and other recruitment firms, RecruitHub really hit home that it was our business to run, but they were realistic and reasonable in all of their planning and modelling.

  • The process was fantastic – every interaction from setting up the website, agreeing to contracts, and training on the platform through to introductions to third parties – it’s just been brilliant.

  • RecruitHub made the transition from being an employee to an employer extremely smooth

  • What stood out head and shoulders above everybody else was RecruitHub’s platform and the tech – it’s just fantastic, and it’s enabled us to have success already.

  • We’d be miles behind without RecruitHub. I look back on my previous 10 years in recruitment and think “why were we not using that beforehand?


“If you know you can do it and you’ve done it before, and you’re doing it for someone else, you can do it for yourself.”

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