Haseena Mooncey and Chris Carey 

After successful careers delivering permanent and contract recruitment solutions to the high-growth Life Sciences market, Chris Carey and co-founder Haseena Mooncey decided to make the transition into entrepreneurship, creating CHR Life Sciences as a vehicle to take full control of their brand, service offering and financial rewards.

What’s it been like to move from employee to running your own company?

“Becoming a business owner has been fantastic. I’ve learned more than I’d ever dreamed of learning in a very short time. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

For me the drive to start my own firm was all to down to ownership – not just owning the business, but owning my time, owning the results and owning the financial benefits of that.

As a business owner, it all boils down to me – I’m no longer trying to make someone else happy.

The most exciting thing about launching it’s the freedom that you get from it – it’s your own thing and you’ve got ownership of everything.

Before launching you always feel the fear of ‘is it going to work’?

But if you know you can do it and you’ve done it before, and you’re doing it for someone else, you can do it for yourself.

You leave those fears behind because you think about what you’ve done – and then go ahead and do it for yourself.

That’s the only difference.”

How has RecruitHub supported your business?

“I spoke with numerous investors and other recruitment firms before partnering with RecruitHub.

Everyone I spoke to at RecruitHub was fantastic – they really hit home that it was our business to run, but they were realistic and reasonable in all of their planning and modelling.

It gave us real confidence that we could succeed but that this would truly be our business – and that was different from every other investor or partner that we spoke with.

The launch process was fantastic – every interaction from setting up the website, agreeing contracts, training on the platform through to introductions to third parties – it’s just been brilliant.

It’s made the transition from being an employee to an employer extremely smooth.

As new founders and business owners we have questions all the time, and we value the support RecruitHub provides every day.”

How has technology impacted your business growth?

“What stood out head and shoulders above everybody else was RecruitHub’s platform and the tech – it’s just fantastic, and it’s enabled us to have successes already.

We’d be miles behind where we are now if we hadn’t had that. It’s been invaluable to us, and I’d shout from the rooftops about RecruitHub!

Because of the support and foundation that RecruitHub has given us, we’ve spent 80-90% of our time on recruitment since launching. Day 1 we had roles on with new clients we’d never worked with before.

The RecruitHub platform streamlines everything – I look back on my previous ten years in recruitment and think “why were we not using that beforehand?”

From sourcing, lead generation to email analytics and funding notifications – it does it all in one, and it’s allowed us to open up new markets we weren’t working in before.

As a new business with restrictive covenants shaping our activities, the RecruitHub tech platform has allowed us to win new clients and enter new markets extremely quickly.

It’s been second to none – it makes me laugh sometimes at how slow some of the other platforms and systems we used were!”

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