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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RecruitHub?

RecruitHub is an accelerator platform on which new recruitment agencies launch and scale, providing founders with a fully integrated recruitment technology stack, embedded financial and back office services, mentoring & advisory, and access to a community of founders and angel investors.

Our platform enables top-achieving and ambitious recruiters to build their own companies, focusing their time and energy on the activities where they add most value and most directly drive growth and financial returns.

Is it really 'my business'?


Under the RecruitHub model, founders are the principal shareholders and have full commercial, financial, operational and creative control of their businesses. They also own all their intellectual property and data.

We are not a ‘portfolio’ or franchise model.

What's included in the platform?

Founders on our platform spend 92% of their time on recruitment/revenue generation

We take care of:

  • Incorporating and managing your business/legal entity
  • Marketing (logo, website, branding)
  • Techstack (best in-class tools across CRM, Sales Automation, and more!)
  • Legal (all the contracts/terms of business ready on Day 1)
  • Finance and back office (Geo-specific financial teams, full financial management – from incorporation to payroll and annual accounts, budgeting, reinvestment & cash flow planning)
  • Ongoing advisory and support (across tech, strategy, legal, HR, etc)
  • Onboarding/training new employees
  • Global Founder Community (weekly webinars, cohort sessions, in-person networking events, fee-sharing opportunities
  • Funding (if you need it)

What support do I get?

RecruitHub partners with founders across a wide range of business areas, providing support, guidance and resources to navigate challenges and fill in knowledge gaps.

Our support spans:

– Financial planning, budgeting, reporting & cashflow forecasting
– Operations & infrastructure
– Fundraising & investment
– Talent acquisition, performance management, incentives & retention
– Shareholder value creation
– Management & leadership

How does the pricing model work?

The platform operates on a share-of-fee model, where RecruitHub invoices founders monthly based on a percentage of the fee income they earn from clients. The percentage declines as founder billings scale up.

There are no setup costs on the platform, no recurring fixed costs, and no surprise fees.

The partnership model fully aligns incentives, with RecruitHub and founders both rewarded for the successful growth of founder businesses.

Does RecruitHub offer investment?

Where required, RecruitHub coordinates seed and growth capital through a network of angel investors, giving founders access to funding to start their ventures or accelerate growth.

Founders can opt to launch with an initial salary whilst also remaining the majority shareholders in their firms.

Can I use the funding to pay salaries (myself and others)?

Yes, we’ve financed everything from 6m runway to full market-rate salaries.

With capital investment, we show founders a range of options (how much they can choose to raise from investors) and the different impacts this has on their short/long-term earnings.

Can I self-fund my launch?

Yes. Many RecruitHub founders have covered their initial personal outgoings from savings.

The platform’s zero up-front fee structure reduces operational costs and creates a shared-risk partnership.

Can I launch with a co-founder?

  • Yes, about ~30% of businesses launched on RecruitHub are co-founded.
  • We can assist on everything from equity division to co-founder legal documents (e.g. what happens if one founder quits after 6m, etc. – typical ‘off the shelf’ company setups will miss this important detail!)

What does RecruitHub look for in a founder?

RecruitHub is perfect for ‘solopreneurs’ or high-growth businesses. From experience we find that persons who are most likely to succeed, irrespective of business goals, demonstrate:

  • High levels of autonomy / independence
  • High levels of financial ambition
  • Strong fit between previous experience <> start-up plans
  • Strong 360 experience in target niche

Does RecruitHub help with Business Modelling/Financial Forecasting?

Yes, our 1:1 interactive financial forecasting sessions walk you through different launch scenarios:

  • Model out different launch / scale scenarios
    • Hire faster, slower
    • Conversative / vs bullish revenue forecasts
    • With / without investment
  • Calculate launch costs
    • Determine how much start-up capital is needed and where they do / don’t need investment
    • Explore / model possible investment scenarios (equity %s, loan/debt options)
  • Forecast personal earnings, Y1 > 5
  • Forecast equity value (how much company could be worth after 3-5x years)
  • Answer key start-up questions around funding, timelines, earnings & expectations
    • Create an ‘apples to apples’ comparison they can use against:
      • Staying in current job
      • Contrasting with other offers/potential job moves

Who does RecruitHub work with?

RecruitHub’s customers are typically successful agency recruiters looking to:

– Increase their short-term earnings (own the full value of the fees they generate)
– Create an equity asset by owning their own business
– Enjoy a better work-life balance as independent business owners

Most founders are either strong individual billers, team/divisional leaders or senior managers.

How long does it take to launch?

RecruitHub has a clear launch process with a sequenced set of steps to ensure that there is a viable commercial opportunity and a strong cultural match between all parties.

Once completed, most founders launch within ~30 days on the platform.

What documents do I need to provide to RecruitHub?

RecruitHub performs the following discretionary and mandatory due-diligence on prospective founder(s) who will be registered as a company director.

  • Payslips
  • References = calls with previous managers and peers
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks

What is the RecruitHub tech stack?

RecruitHub launches new businesses with a best-in-class stack of cloud technologies, providing integrated sales, recruitment and financial management solutions.

This includes CRM, sales automation & contact information sourcing, business communications, collaboration, data storage and more.

We are continually evaluating new technology value-adds for our customers, and regularly introducing new tools and features to our stack.

Does RecruitHub support international recruitment?


RecruitHub has founders HQ-ed in the UK, USA, EU and UAE, placing candidates into 25+ countries.

Can I finance contractors through the platform?


RecruitHub’s customers deliver a range of recruitment solutions, including contract, permanent, executive search and TaaS.

We have partnerships with leading invoice factoring providers who manage timesheets and process payments for your contractors.

Is RecruitHub only for high-growth agencies?


Most RecruitHub customers are targeting growth and long-term wealth creation through their business ventures, but the platform also supports independent recruiters looking to focus fully on fee-generation and autonomy.

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