Amber Penrose
Founder, Moxee

UK, Life Sciences

With a true passion for the life sciences sector, Amber’s market knowledge and entrepreneurial instincts led her become a top biller and mentor to her team. During the Pandemic, Amber reappraised what was important to her, drawing inspiration from her mum and other successful entrepreneurs to start the path to founding her own business. 

We caught up with Amber to get insight into her journey, discussing everything from her evaluation process, to why Biotech startups embrace working with Moxee and what it means to be working in a community of founders.



What options did you explore? And why were they not quite right for you?

  • I explored every single option you can think of!
    • I interviewed with 38 recruitment agencies in the UK – not a single one excited me.
    • I spoke with about five investment companies, but none of them resonated and validated that I didn’t need funding.
  • Through that process, I realised that I needed education, a network, back office support and help with those needle moving activities – and that’s what RecruitHub Hub do so well. And that’s why I ended up going with RecruitHub in the end.

What did you choose RecruitHub?

  • I chose RecruitHub because it felt right in my gut. When I met Edmund, everything clicked. He asked insightful questions, coached, and mentored me through the process. I appreciated their approach—they didn’t pressure me to make a decision. Other companies made me feel rushed, but RecruitHub assured me they’re always available whenever I’m ready. That made me feel supported, not pressured, which was exactly what I needed.

What are the major benefits of being on RecruitHub?

  • The tech stack was a priority for me, as I’ve always been drawn to AI platforms and tools that streamline business operations. Transitioning from a large corporation to my own agency posed challenges in getting everyone aligned. RecruitHub surprised me with its supportive community. I feared loneliness in running my own agency, being an extrovert who thrives on collaboration. However, I’ve found more support with RecruitHub than in a crowded office. The community openly shares insights, a rarity in the recruitment industry. It’s refreshing to collaborate rather than compete, making RecruitHub invaluable to me.

What’s a key driver for launching your own business?

  • I’m thrilled to support biotech and life sciences startups, especially as a type 1 diabetic. My interest in biotech recruitment stems from my experience working with Diabetes UK at 18. I had the opportunity to test an AI glucose monitor with a Dutch company. However, they struggled to recruit a crucial position, leading to the company’s closure and the loss of innovative technology for thousands of diabetics, myself included. This experience drives me to improve recruitment processes with Moxee. In the first 12 months, I aim to assist as many startups as possible while prioritising my own well-being, something I couldn’t achieve working for someone else.

Advice for people who are considering starting their own business?

  • Don’t think you’re Asking for help is a strength not a weakness
  • Running a startup is challenging – take steps to prioritise your health and wellbeing.
  • Seek advice from a starkly honest group of people. (not your friends and family). Ask them – “How hard is this really?”, “Do I have enough runway to be able to do this?”
  • Reflect on your own ability. Have you been a consistent for the past three to five years? Are you billing whilst running a team? If the answers yes, there’s a good chance you can replicate this success on your own.


  • I think I probably would have lost my mind if it weren’t for the community!
  • Whether learning from those ahead or receiving support during tough times, like late-night meltdowns after challenging calls, the Slack channel has been a lifeline. I’ve expanded my knowledge beyond the typical agency framework, discovering new approaches to business development and sales. For instance, I’ve conquered my fear of cold calling, thanks to shared insights. This community has not only taught me practical skills but also boosted my confidence significantly.

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