Rebecca Neville
Founder, Constable Green

UK, Real Estate & Development

With extensive domestic and international experience within real estate and development in the UK, Germany and Hong Kong, Rebecca Neville, founded Constable Green to provide bespoke search services to a host of clients. 

We caught up with Rebecca to the discuss the moment she found clarity on what she wanted from her career, why you shouldn’t be fearful of the first six months and why building your business, your way is key.


  • When I returned to work after having my daughter, I had real clarity on what I wanted from my career and life.
  • During the business planning process and what success for me would look like, I did some sums on what I’d actually need to build to keep the lights on and it wasn’t nearly as much as I thought it was going to be, and then it just suddenly became much less scary.
  • I looked at other options but they all wanted you to give up a lot of control of your business, which defied the point of doing it.



What options did you explore? And why were they not quite right for you?

  • I started looking into other platforms and providers that do similar things to RecruitHub, they wanted you to give up a lot of control of your business, which kind of defied the point of of doing it.
  • They were also really focused on growth and exit. I was worried that if I did that, I’d get kind of pushed down that route and not grow the business in the way I wanted to do it or in the way that was right for me.

What attracted you to RecruitHub?

  • I really liked the people that I spoke to and I’m just a big believer in going with your gut. I was also really impressed with the techstack – I could really see that it would be an advantage in the space that I work in.

What are the major benefits of being on RecruitHub?

  • I’m saving me a huge amount of time. It’s really improving productivity and I think therefore I can focus on the stuff that really matters to our clients and I think it improves that process for them as well. The tech stack is a million times better than anything I’ve ever had in a large company. It’s been game changing for me.

How does RecruitHub support you on a day-to-day and ongoing basis?

  • Being part of a cohort of people where you can share ideas around has been really helpful. I’m really enjoying the webinars because I think it’s really important when you’re on your own and also when you’ve perhaps been doing it a while to share knowledge and new ways of working. 

How different does it feel to be a founder?

  • The first six months doesn’t look all that different from when you build a desk, or if you move to a new recruitment company. Most people who are thinking about setting up wold back themselves to do that. Finding ways to create your own structure and being clear on how you work best and holding yourself accountable is really important.


  • It’s a lot like running a marathon running – break it down into like each mile. For a longer term vision,  you don’t necessarily need to know exactly what it’s going to look like in a year or five years time. But if you know kind of what your next steps are and set yourself tangible goals, then suddenly it seems a whole lot less scary.
  • Some advice I received from a successful founder was to just be really diligent about putting in the right foundations for growth, so that you don’t get drawn into bad habits.

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