Francis Harwood

Founder, Limitless

US, Software engineering, UX/UI Product & Design

Recognised in the top percentile of tech recruiters globally, Francis wanted to combine his experience to add true value to what he feels the recruitment market is lacking.

Francis’ objective for limitless🚀 is to be an innovative talent partner, helping start-ups, SMEs and large global tech companies scale their software engineering teams while ensuring uncompromisable standards and values that put people and the planet first.

We caught up with Francis to find out more about why he decided to launch Limitless, what excites him about running a business and his growth plans.


  • I always wanted to set up my own business to really lead from the front when it comes to industry standards.
  • Around a year and a half ago I knew that I wanted to start my own agency and grow something super special. I was earning great money and experiencing great progression but I hit the ceiling and everything became a bit stale so I dived straight into starting my own business.
  • I want to build something very special when it comes to value driven people.
  • We’ve a very diverse workforce, one that’s high performing values driven.



Top moments since launching?

  • Biggest accomplishments include moving into our office in central London and making our first hire, Ryan, who is an associate director, and working exclusively with some major brands, a lot of which is retained business.
  • Amazing feeling to pick up business from month one onwards in Austin, Miami and Virginia and work with some really cool brands.

What’s your ultimate vision for Limitless?

  • Ultimate goal for Limitless is to be in a position where we’re a market leader across specific geographies in the US when it comes to software engineering, product and mobile talent. To get there, we want to work with some great brands and then open our second office in the US in 2024.

Top tips for recruiters thinking about going solo?

  • Diligently prep everything – from contract restrictions to mapping your market.
  • Ensure you’re making the right decision when it comes to funding – i.e. taking investment (and what type) vs self-funding.
  • Detail everything, you can never be too prepared.

How would you rate RecruitHub’s tech stack and its impact on your business

  • The techstack we have is better than any other agency we’ve worked at. We’ve literally got everything you need to be a high-performance business.


  • Autonomy and flexibility are key but equally you’re investing time into scaling and growing something that you’re really passionate about – that’s the game changer.
  • You’re your own boss, you can make decisions quickly which adds a lot more value to clients and your network.

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