Scott Daly - WGG

Scott Daly 

After twenty years of leadership and hands-on recruitment in the technology sector, Scott Daly created Woodford Gray Group to build a new type of tech staffing firm – supporting high-growth clients with an innovative menu of recruitment solutions.

Preparing to launch, Scott was looking for an investment and platform partner to provide access to growth capital, technology and an advisory support framework to drive the growth of WGG.

How did WGG come to launch on the RecruitHub platform?
“Launching my own firm was something I’d had in my mind for a long time, but I wanted to build the business with the right investment partner, as well as operating on a platform that could fully focus me on recruiting and growing the business.
It’s been fantastic.
Working for corporates, you get provided with tools and P&Ls to support you, but as a business owner everything is more in-depth.
With RecruitHub, I’m embracing the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and learning out of my comfort zone – and they’re helping me and guiding me.
There are areas they know I’m not going to know about, and they’re very eager to support me and talk me through things.
They share their knowledge with me quickly and they’re always there to make sure you feel comfortable with how you’re growing your business.

The platform itself has also had a huge impact – I booked £100k inside my first month, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the technology, brand and support.

It helped us achieve the goals we wanted from day one. It was 100% what we needed to get us to where we wanted to be.”

Why did you choose RecruitHub as your investment partner?

“I met with other businesses and individuals, but I felt that RecruitHub’s knowledge, expertise, the emotional intelligence they demonstrated and how they structured the business was second to none – it was phenomenal.

Their engagement was really good – the process was really slick.

Nice and easy, I was kept informed every step of the way. Contracts were very easy to read through – when getting my own legal advice, there were no changes needed and it clearly shows that they want to get the investment to you so that you can go and grow your business and fulfill your ambitions.

They’re there to help you and to give you that platform for success.

For me it was a no-brainer to go with RecruitHub in the end.”

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