Mark Porter
Founder, Vertex Search

UK, Finance & Technology

We caught up with Mark to discuss his new venture – Vertex Search – specialists in recruiting the top talent in technology, maths and finance into world-leading organisations.

Watch the video below to hear Mark’s insights on why he pivoted away from his initial startup process and what’s making him reconsider his growth plans.



Before you joined RecruitHub, what options did you explore? 

  • I initially founded the company myself, however, I found that I went down quite a lot of rabbit holes. All of a sudden, I had lots of different things to focus on and it kind of dawned on me that I needed support. 
  • The more I looked into RecruitHub and the more conversations I had with the team, the more it appealed.
  • The techstack really jumped out. RecruitHub has tie-ins with some really amazing platforms that I’ve been lucky enough to use with previous employers
  • The level of support and specialisation they’ve got in helping people to start, grow and scale companies was what really convinced me to sign up.

How does RecruitHub’s founder community support you?

  • Being able to soundboard and discuss ideas from people at different stages of founding companies – whether they’re just starting out or doing this for a couple of years.

What has impressed you the most since launching on RecruitHub

  • I started this as a lifestyle business, but being able to envisage the steps you can put in place in two or three years to scale has impressed me.
  • The responsiveness and knowledge across the different teams, whether it’s tech, finance or business planning is great. The team are super responsive, responding to any questions, queries, concerns, and jumping in to help you with anything you might need supporting with.


  • Embrace the ambiguity and adventure. It’s really energising, motivating and you really feel the wins because you’re doing it on your own.
  • I think if you are kind of stuck in a rut or found yourself in a different place it’s definitely something to consider. There’s definitely enough business out there to go out and win if you’ve got a strong proposition.
  • It can be quite daunting, but it’s not nearly as complicated as you think it might be, especially if you partner with someone like RecruitHub and all the expertise they bring.
  • It took a shift in mindset for me to make the change. But, being able to define everything yourself is just a really interesting journey to go on.
  • It’s a really great exercise to go through and I’ve enjoyed taking the plunge. I thought I would miss working in a bigger place more than I actually have.

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