Brendan Catney
Founder, Verde Search

UK, Audit, Tax and Finance

We caught up with Brendan to discuss his new venture – Verde Search – a specialist audit, tax and finance consultancy for fast-growing SMEs and global organisations.

Watch the video below to hear Brendan’s insights on evaluating providers, why retaining ownership is critical, and how RecruitHub’s tech stack has enabled Verde Search to quickly gain traction.


  • I wanted the excitement and freedom of not being restrained by organisational strategy or targets that were set for me. I want to control how I do things.
  • The key things about RecruitHub that appealed to me is that you have ownership and support, and you’re not on your own – there is a community of like minded individuals to consult with.



What options did you explore? And why were they not quite right for you?

  • I conducted a lot of research and other organisations didn’t fit with what I had in my mind, which is to take the business in any direction that I want. The businesses I evaluated were too attached to what their business wanted, rather than what you wanted. It’s very much set within their company and you’re almost a franchise or you maybe are a franchise.

What attracted you to RecruitHub?

  • It really came down to the people and RecruitHub’s strong vision that it’s very much “what do you want to do?” and “how can we help you?

What are the major benefits of being on RecruitHub?

  • RecruitHub have packaged up very well all the areas you need to focus on pre and post-launch. Without using RecruitHub, there’s multiple people and projects to run – from gathering quotes and putting all the pieces together across web design, development, marketing and finance. RecruitHub makes this whole process a lot easier and move faster.
  • You’ve got the support and the infrastructure to really go at a fast pace.

How does RecruitHub support you on a day-to-day and ongoing basis?

  • It’s been fantastic, everyone’s had a sense of urgency to make sure that everything’s right and it’s done your way rather than it just being “this is how it is and that’s what you’ve got.”
  • Post-launch, my expectations have been blown out of the water. There’s a huge amount of guidance from the team as well as the support and knowledge sharing from the founder community. That really impressed me.

How does RecruitHub’s integrated stack enhance your business processes?

  • RecruitHub’s techstack considers the whole cycle of recruitment, so it’s very much a sum total of ingredients. All of the tools are very much at the forefront of technology. In comparison to some of the previous organisations I worked in where there’s no time to review technology or people don’t have time to, RecruitHub’s approach to continual improvements is huge.

Key takeaway:

  • The feeling of running everything with freedom. Whereas before you would have a director or a senior manager inputting their strategy, you’ve got free rein to walk your own path and develop things how you want to.


  • Do plenty of research! Key areas I focused on were; ownership and control, design and web development.
  • I’m ultra cautious and spend time, double and triple checking things before I make a decision. I’ve been very thorough and RecruitHub was definitely the best option.

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