Anthony Preziosi
Founder, Edgewater Search

US, FinTech and FinServ

We caught up with Anthony to discuss his new Florida based venture, Edgewater Search, specialists in unlocking growth for ambitious organisations across the FinTech and FinServ landscape.

Watch the video below to hear why Anthony decided to start his own staffing firm, how RecruitHub’s team adds value to his revenue generating activities and why the founder Slack chat is “incredible”.



Why did you choose RecruitHub?

  • What really caught my attention is the awesome support team and their top-notch tech stack. The whole team, especially from Edmund (Co-Founder), is just fantastic. I chat with Holly (Customer Success Manager) pretty much every week, even for the smallest questions. It helps me stay on track with my tasks, knowing that if I run into any tech issues, there’s someone I can reach out to, and they’ll take care of it while I focus on other things.

What are the major benefits of being on RecruitHub?

  • The tech stack helps me automate as much of my work-streams as possible. In parallel with the tech stack, I work with RecruitHub’s team to fine-tune my pitches so that they come across just right and help to get those important meetings.

What’s it like to work with the founder community?

  • We cross sell roles between each other, which is great, but the best part is the incredible Slack chat. Whether you have a question or need support, someone’s got your back. From navigating new situations to help with terms, there’s always someone who’s been there. What’s cool is that even seasoned founders support the newest members on their journey.

Advice for people who are considering starting their own business?

  • If you’re going to do it, you gotta jump in with both feet; there’s never a right or perfect time.
  • Be ready for the initial scariness, especially with no consistent paychecks every two weeks or every month.
  • Imposter syndrome may kick in initially, making you question your abilities. But as soon as you get your first client meeting (something that you’ve done a plenty of times before) it’s the coolest thing.
  • Remind yourself that you’ve done these tasks a thousand times before, and you’ll be fine.
  • Stick to what got you there; avoid trying to reinvent the wheel.


  • Starting my own firm hasn’t been as tough as I thought. The “Sunday Scaries” are way less scary when you’re in control; it’s more of a motivation because I see a whole week of opportunities ahead. Honestly, deciding to go on this journey has been one of the best choices I’ve made. No matter how tough it gets, it’s definitely worth it.

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