Danielle Durko
Founder, Beckton Staffing

US, Finance, Accounting, HR and Admin

We caught up with Danielle to discuss her new Texas based venture, Beckton Staffing Solutions – specialist direct hire and interim staffing agency for Finance, Accounting, HR and Administrative roles in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Watch the video below to hear why Danielle found happiness in starting her own staffing firm and how RecruitHub’s team and US founder community supports business growth from day one.



What motivated you to start your own business?

  • I began my journey in staffing in my early 20s, falling into it unexpectedly. Nearly two decades later, I never imagined starting my own business. However, life changes and the desire for a fulfilling career and present motherhood led me to reevaluate. I wanted a balance. After thoughtful consideration, I realised starting my own business was the key to align my career with my values. It’s about helping candidates and clients, a model I believe in. Now, I wake up looking forward to work, enjoying what I do.

What it’s like to work with RecruitHub?

  • Whenever I reach out to the support team, they get back to me right away, a refreshing change from the usual corporate IT experiences. The help is not only instantaneous but also comes with a smile, which is just unbelievable. What’s even better is the detailed project plan provided when you come on board. Starting your own company can be challenging, and having someone to guide you and help build out your company makes everything so much easier.

How does RecruitHub’s community of US founders adding value?

  • While my focus is on my region, I often get inquiries from clients in different parts of the United States. Having calls with other US founders helps us to share specialties, leads, companies, and market data, creating a supportive community. Working from home can feel isolating, especially as i’m used to the social aspect of the office. Being part of this community lets me correspond with other founders, exchanging ideas and experiences. It’s a valuable space where we can discuss internal business matters that aren’t shared with clients and candidates. Overall, it’s a great way to learn from each other within this supportive network.

Advice for people who are considering starting their own business?

  • Create a detailed plan and have a specific timeline.
  • Break down tasks, set goals for each day, and be well-planned.
  • Seek advice from those who have been through the journey before.

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