Ben Appleton
Founder of Strat-Bridge

“You’ll always be walking away from commission, but doing it under your own brand and reinvesting it in your business is a lot better than taking a smaller portion as part of a bigger company.”

Ben Appleton focussed in the mid-senior end of the market placing management consultants across the UK and DACH markets before founding Strat-Bridge.



  • I spoke to multiple launch partners for my own research, the reasons why I chose RecruitHub were because of the people, their expertise and the financial model which is the most favourable and fair.

  • RecruitHub worked with me on the projections and how I was going to scale – they have been through this many times before having helped scale numerous companies, they understand the pain points now and those 2 years down the line.

  • Since launching I’ve spent 90% of my time generating revenue and building the pipeline.

  • My market reacted really positively to the new business. I work with a lot of clients and candidates who are entrepreneurial themselves, so I think my launch resonated with them.

  • Originally I was looking 18-24 months time horizon to launch, we minimised it down to 4 months, with hesitancy around the operational side but Recruithub made me feel comfortable.

  • RecruitHub has introduced a new level of technology automation into recruitment that I had used before launching on the platform. They take care of everything, saving me time.

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