Ben Appleton

Ben Appleton 

Before launching Strat-bridge, Ben Appleton worked at both Freshminds and Consulting Point, developing expertise in the placement of management consultants across the UK and DACH markets. With a strong personal brand and end-to-end recruitment experience, he founded Strat-bridge to fully own the valuable client and candidate relationships he built, and to lay the foundations for a highly niche agency dedicated to this lucrative specialist market.

How long had you been thinking about launching your own agency?
“Starting up had always been at the back of my mind – I’d probably been thinking about it for about a year before I launched.
In recruitment, you’re kind of are your own company anyway – you look after your own brand management, your own marketing. So launching independently was just taking what I’d always been doing and putting that under a different brand.
My market’s also reacted really positively to the new business. I work with a lot of clients and candidates who are entrepreneurial themselves, so I think my launch resonated with them – ‘OK cool you’ve started your own thing, that’s exciting.’
So, far from being a barrier, launching the new brand has been a good conversation starter in my space.”

How has launching on the RecruitHub platform impacted your performance?

“My complete focus has been on client and candidate engagement.

Since launching I’ve spent 90% of my time on generating revenue and building pipeline.

I really haven’t had to worry about anything else, and this is why I’d really encourage people to engage with the RecruitHub platform.

I spoke to multiple launch partners to do my due diligence – compared to other financial models, RecruitHub was definitely the most favourable and fair, a win-win for both sides as things scale.

RecruitHub has also introduced a new level of technology automation into recruitment than I was used to before launching on the platform.

In terms of my advice to other recruiters thinking about launching – if you’re thinking about starting up, just do it.

You’re always going to be walking away from some commission or bonus, but the potential of doing it under your own brand and reinvesting the majority of your success and reinvesting it in your business is a lot better than taking a small portion as part of a bigger company.”

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