Joseph Cooper and Oliver Legg
Founders of Aspiron Search

Joe and Oli, are both high-billing consultants within the cybersecurity space who, at their previous business, worked closely together for 4 years before deciding to do it themselves.


“The ability to control work life and personal life and wealth creation. We both had young families, and it opened our eyes to the flexibility available; we wanted to do things our way without answering to anyone else.”



  • Day 2 Joe brought on a big multi-deal retainer with a firm in San Francisco, and off the back of that delivery, it snowballed – we couldn’t have had a better start.

  • The RecruitHub tech stack is great, and everything is so much quicker. The automation tools allow us to focus on revenue-generating tasks with less time from our side.

  • Pandemic, baby on the way, no income – but the timing is never right, and you will always find problems with your personal situation.

  • RecruitHub, by a mile, had a better deal than everything else that we looked at – from the technology to the financial cost, and most importantly, the other options we looked at didn’t quite resonate.

  • RecruitHub was clearly working out if we were right for them, just as much as if we were right for RecruitHub, whereas some of the others clearly wanted to get as many people as possible on board to ‘see if it works out’.


“If you back yourself as someone that can generate business and do proper 360 recruitment without anyone else, and you understand the recruitment business, then do it.”

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