Stuart Mitchell

Founder of Hampton North

With experience in both the UK and US markets, million-dollar biller Stuart Mitchell formed Hampton North to tackle the biggest problem in cyber security; the talent shortage. Moreover, Stuart felt like he had run out of growth. He wanted to do things his way and put his name on something, and become an owner.


  • Having control over the direction my career is heading

  • Being able to build a business in my vision 

  • I want to have fun – love to be able to control my own destiny 

  • Thrive on challenging myself

  • Creating flexibility for me and the team. I get to do bathtime with my daughter every night



What excites you about building your business? 

  • Hiring people who are better than you. I’m really driven and excited for the cybersecurity industry to go “Wow, like Stewart is not messing around; he’s getting the best person from this company, and the best person from this company, and owning that.”

What is your aspiration for the business?

  • I’m super excited to create the best cybersecurity recruiting team in the industry, and I truly believe I can do that. I want to get to five principals or above to be in the team within 12 months in the US. Want to hire great and get out of the way – let them run with it.

What eventually pushed you to take the jump?

  • I’d achieved everything I possibly could (Top biller in the US, the most promoted person in Stott and May’s history, Setup their California operation, ran a seven-figure EBIT team) and ultimately wanted to do things my way. Around a year ago, I came to the realisation that to create true change and do things that I wanted to do, I would have to go out there and own it.


  • Be super-mindful of the old Japanese proverb – The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” I regret not doing this sooner. It’s a fairly low-risk situation. So if you’re an exceptional recruiter, back yourself.

  • The key thing to focus on to maximise early traction is to get the foundational pieces in play and then bring people together to create the vision.

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