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Top-10 Recruitment Start-up Myths

RecruitHub works daily with experienced recruiters who are exploring their options in entrepreneurship, fielding hundreds of questions on the best way to start and scale a recruitment business.

To help bring clarity to the process, we’re sharing our conversations and tackling 10 of the biggest myths about starting up, head-on.

Inside the guide:

  1. It costs a lot of money to start up
  2. Non-competes block recruiters from launching
  3. Building revenue is the same as building value
  4. A ‘true entrepreneur’ does everything
  5. Trial and error is the best way to learn
  6. All investors offer the same thing
  7. Low-cost accountants can manage finances
  8. It doesn’t matter who you hire first
  9. Owning everything creates the highest return
  10. It’s easy to launch, scale and sell

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We don’t expect founders to ‘pitch’ us their polished business plans – instead, we work together to test and explore the viability of each new business concept, projecting financial performance, founder income and wealth creation potential.

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