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Fund your start-up dream.
Keep control.

Earn a salary as you build your recruitment business.

A founder-centric solution for start-up investment, putting you in the driving seat.

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Start-up capital

Earn as you build

RecruitHub’s start-up investment solution allows ambitious recruiters to earn a salary as they build their agencies, without sacrificing control of the business.

Traditional investment models in the recruitment sector demand that founders cough up a big chunk of equity to investors, often leaving them as minority shareholders in their own companies.

RecruitHub’s solution allows ambitious recruiters who dream of owning and running their own agencies to quickly and easily access seed funding, without giving away a controlling share of the business.

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De-risk your start-up venture

Get the best of both worlds – earn a steady income while still controlling and majority-owning your business.

Many talented recruiters delay launching their own companies because of the financial risk of sacrificing consistent monthly earnings – sometimes putting it off for years.

RecruitHub helps would-be-entrepreneurs calculate and access the right amount of investment to de-risk their launch and ensure stable income, structured to maximize founder shareholding and long-term equity value.

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  • Monthly income from day one
  • No additional board members or co-directors
  • Flexible, tailored solutions
  • Total commercial control
  • Start-ups funded in weeks
  • Full paperwork processing
  • Custom business modelling & cashflow forecasting
  • Experienced growth & advisory support

We got a couple of offers from other investors and the equity deals were horrendous. RecruitHub’s investment solution gave us complete control, which was absolutely key.

Alex HutchingsCo-Founder, Dataworks

How much can I raise?

RecruitHub’s funding solutions support founders with ambitions of all scales, from lifestyle recruitment businesses to international scale-up projects.

Digital nomad

Get the capital boost required to launch your lifestyle recruitment business, earning a steady salary as you build your client base and pipeline.

Organic growth

Funding for agency founders and co-founders looking for the security and financial stability to support lifestyles and families while building their agencies.

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Capital solutions to rapidly hire teams and scale delivery in scale-up ventures with aggressive growth time-frames.

Focused on founders

RecruitHub custom designs each investment package to maximize each founder’s short and long-term interests through a bespoke solution. Share the risk, keep the rewards.

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