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If you’re an experienced recruitment manager, the scenario below might sound familiar:

  • You’ve got a proven track record of building and developing teams
  • You know your market inside-out (and may even have built teams in multiple sectors)
  • You want a fresh challenge, but no role leaps out and everything looks like a replay of what you’ve already done
  • The thought of building something all over again for a new boss doesn’t fire you up, but…
  • You don’t want to leave the industry altogether and start a new career path from scratch

What might be less familiar is thinking about how well your experience could translate into building and running your own recruitment business…

The fact that you may not have actively considered launching your own firm isn’t unusual either – many highly successful founders were so wrapped up in their careers before launching that the idea of taking time out to think about running their own company didn’t occur to them.

It’s not until circumstances gave them a push – or chance prompted them to daydream about setting up on their own – that they started to put the pieces together and saw how well their skill set suited becoming their own boss.

  • Introducing you to recent founders

We connect you with people who have recently set up on our platform, allowing you to speak directly with people who have been there, made the leap and are happy to share their stories.

Networking with business owners with similar backgrounds and experience levels to your own is a great way to evaluate your decision, giving you a chance to get answers to key questions and taking many of the unknowns out of the process.

  • Creating an ‘apples to apples’ financial comparison

One of the biggest obstacles to pulling the trigger on starting up a new venture is not having a clear side-by-side comparison of what the financial implications are. You probably know what it looks like, financially, to stay in your job – or to take a similar job with a similar pay structure.

But a jump into business ownership is new – and not easy to compare. Our business modelling and financial forecasting process gives you a clear way to understand their earnings potential in years 1 through 5 of company ownership, making the financial planning much more manageable.

  • Supporting your business, in your corner

RecruitHub’s platform is designed to allow talented recruiters to focus their time and skills on getting on with recruitment and team-building, while a partner team and technology package accelerate their billing and earning curves. Our expert team helps fill the knowledge gaps in legal, financial, technology and marketing areas, creating a fully rounded support system that lets first-time business owners grow and scale their ventures with confidence.

How does it work?