Guy Bevington
Founder of TrueNorth

Guy Bevington spent over 10+ years successfully scaling technology recruitment teams for one of the UK’s fastest-growing agencies. It was time to take control of his agenda, finances and long-term wealth creation for his young family.


“Elsewhere I’d be doing the same making somebody else rich and lining their pockets. I was someone who very much had ‘golden handcuffs’ on in my previous role, and that kept me back for a lot longer than it should have done.”



  • I wanted to focus on doing the customer-facing portion – that’s the part of the job I’m best at and passionate about, so I did want to partner with a firm that could give me the infrastructure to take that headache away.

  • I had a pot of money that I could use to start my own business, but I also wanted to de-risk a lot of it and get support from investors in order to draw a salary from the business as I ramped up.

  • RecruitHub were instrumental in that process, helping to build the business model and determine the right amount of investment to take, source the capital and manage the investment process.

  • I’ve been impressed with how pro-active RecruitHub has been in offering new revolutionary tech that can augment our service and increase our delivery.

  • The RecruitHub community: we network, and help fill each other’s roles – it’s a real value-add to have great recruiters on hand.

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