Kyle Probert
Founder of Transparent Talent

Kyle spent ten years building a reputation as one of the top DevOps and SRE recruiters in the UK, having previously built a brand for an employer he knew about the challenges and the freedoms ahead.


Real autonomy and the ability to work the way I enjoy and financial freedom.



  • The first few months were better than expected – the client base exploded and demand was much more. Great first quarter which has continued. Placing personally 15 – 20 Contractors in 1 month in the early days.

  • I get to partner with great clients- running embedded talent solutions for them placing CCO’s; central to working with great people.

  • It’s great to turn down clients who don’t want to work transparently or to the right level of percentages.

  • Looked at 4 various recruiter platform offerings including the ‘do I get alone?’ RecruitHub costs versus the level of support are much more balanced alongside the counsel.

  • RecruitHub was the most logical and the most supportive option. Every bit of the technology on the RecruitHub platform is invaluable.

  • I am enjoying time off, spending fewer hours doing the job of 5 people.


“Don’t go completely alone is my advice. Build your nest egg the right way.”

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