Tuan Lee Rajap
Founder, Ulteum Global

EMEA, APAC, North America, Energy and Technology

With extensive domestic and international experience within energy and technology sectors in the EMEA, APAC and North America, Tuan Lee Rajap, founded Ulteum with the objective to scale and exit the business. 

We caught up with Tuan to get his thoughts on why the journey hasn’t been a lonesome as he originally thought, how RecruitHub founder community adds value and the numbers behind his growth plans for Ulteum. 


  • In my previous role, I grew the business to exit from scratch – hiring the teams, managing contracts, financials, office leases, everything. When the business was sold I wanted to focus all my effort and energy growing Ulteum with the objective to sell.



What options did you explore? And why were they not quite right for you?

  • I reached out to various investment vehicles who would offer a lot of growth in the early stages but I wouldn’t be a person with significant control.
  • Additionally, when I looked at some of the platform competitors to RecruitHub, a lot of the time the businesses that they setup didn’t grow to more than 3 people, so that deterred me.

What attracted you to RecruitHub?

  • I would say there’s two main points.
    • It was the best financial decision
    • I was really impressed with the platform partners, internal team and founder community

What are the major benefits of being on RecruitHub?

  • Time saving and productivity. In my last role I literally spun every single plate you could spin – from office space, to setting up the phone line and software. With RecruitHub, it literally is “plug and play”, so you can do you do best and recruit.

How does RecruitHub support you on a day-to-day and ongoing basis?

  • Working with Holly (Customer Support) and Valeria (Product Manager) throughout the whole process has been really good for my productivity and utilising the software tools more efficiently.

How does RecruitHub’s integrated stack enhance your business processes?

  • The lead generation software tools within the stack helps a great deal to win a lot of business – we have an edge.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

  • I want to get to 20 runners and then open up an office in Sweden as many of our clients are based there.


  • You speak to all the other founders, some of whom, are the biggest hitters and the best in the industry in their respective sectors. So, you get to be a part of a community of founders who have really impressive backgrounds to share ideas and learn from each other.

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