Joe Seabright

After rapidly becoming one of the highest-billing global consultants for international tech recruitment agency Roc Search, Joe Seabright made the move to co-found GS Solutions with former colleague Kieran Goodchild.

Plugging into growing demand for specialist perm and contract talent across their niche space, Joe and Kieran rapidly built out their client and revenue base, adding to their team well within the 6m mark and laying strong foundations for further growth.

How quickly were you able to engage clients and focus on revenue building once you launched on the RecruitHub platform?
Really quick!
Day one, we were up and running and I think we did our first deal before the end of the first week. Then we had a few quick wins that first couple of weeks, so it definitely was helpful with the pace of getting started.

Did you explore other potential launch options? What influenced your decision in the end?

Yes, I had a look at a few potential partners and individual investors who work with recruitment founders.

There were two things that drove the decision:

The first thing was the equity share – no one else really offered a partnership that wasn’t taking a big chunk of our business, which RecruitHub didn’t.

The second was the tools – with RecruiHub’s platform you get access to a lot of advanced automation tools that otherwise would cost an arm and a leg.

That, combined with the discussions we had with the team and the customer feedback we gathered, meant that RecruitHub’s product was really the best there was out there.

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