Joe Seabright and Kieran Goodchild
Founders of GS Solutions

‘You get access to a lot of the automation tools which cost an arm and leg, it comes down to the service, the offering and the fee’.

Joe Seabright was one of the highest-billing global consultants for international tech recruitment agency Roc Search along with former colleague Kieran Goodchild who founded GS Solutions.



  • On day one, we were up and running, we did our first deal before the end of the first week. Then we had a few quick wins that first couple of weeks and RecruitHub helped bring us up-to-speed.

  • In the days leading up to the launch, we were already on the phones.

  • We looked at other options, but the key reasons RecruitHub was the right choice were because – equity share; no one else offered a partnership that wasn’t taking a big chunk of our business, which RecruitHub doesn’t and the service from the team. 

  • RecruiHub’s platform gives you access to a lot of advanced automation tools that otherwise would cost an arm and a leg, they also took care of all of our marketing. It’s been pain-free.


If you have the itch and the ability just go for it. 

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