Callum Beaumont
Founder of Cordell Beaumont

“The ongoing quarterly reviews and if needed the daily support – it’s all incredibly valuable, RecruitHub is a partner with ort interest at heart”

After leading internal recruitment for Clarksons Platou, one of the world’s largest publicly-traded shipping companies, Callum took the step to monetize his specialist market network by founding Cordell Beaumont.



  • I looked at doing it myself, but then I got approached by RecruitHub –  it just seemed like a more structured way to start. I felt more confident that I’d succeed with somebody else in my corner supporting me.

  • The whole process and journey with the RecruitHub team have been fantastic! 

  • On the strategic side, it’s been really invaluable. In the beginning, we talked a lot about business plans, we looked at key stats and milestones. The ongoing support is without question valuable.


“Partner with someone who can facilitate everything, there’s so much stuff you don’t even think about that RecruitHub takes care of.”

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